AVIA Connect

How do you connect health system professionals with industry insight, a network of their peers, and solution providers to create an environment that encourages innovation? AVIA Connect was designed with this purpose in mind.

AVIA Connect is a member-based, self-service platform that aids in the process of healthcare tech selection. Members can research topics and solutions, browse tech company profiles, and get smart on digital health via an active social feed. As Director of Design at AVIA I led a team that guided the discovery, UX, and visual design process for all new features built.

Each feature created followed a similar design process: Identify the user need, then begin ideation sessions which would include product managers, engineers, and design all working together. The goal was to move quickly, create several prototypes, and test our ideas with our members and new users for validation.  

As we collected feedback from testing, we iteratively refined the designs with improvements and greater fidelity. The designs moved from simple wireframes up to high-fidelity clickable prototypes in InVision. Early testing centered around validating business needs while later testing focused more on usability. 

Once our new feature was slotted for an upcoming sprint, the design team created high-fidelity screens as developer specs using the components from our Material-based design system we created. After hand-off, the design team stayed in close communication with developers throughout the sprint, giving walk-throughs, fielding questions, and reviewing the work as it was built.


The AVIA Connect platform continues to grow and widen its user base and is quickly becoming the go-to source for digital health insights and connections. Increased collaborations with marketing and the advisory wing of the company are also proving AVIA Connect’s value as a tool to better optimize service operations.

And the features I’ve led design on not only proved to be a success with users, but also had a measurable impact with AVIA by creating leads and displaying value which led to greater advisory engagements, paid partnerships, and one of the largest inventories of digital health solutions available.