How do you elevate a Fortune 200 global industrial company’s brand to the level of its peers? ITW is one of the biggest companies that no one has ever heard of. And they are okay with being seen like that, except in the eyes of their investors and prospective employees.

ITW was in need of a new web presence that could support the needs of their primary audiences: investors and job-seekers. Financial information needed to be front and center, but information on company culture and growth were equally important.

To kick off the discovery process, we conducted a series of stakeholder interviews and unmoderated surveys on culture and needs. From there we determined the primary personas of investor analyst and job-seeker and mapped out their pains, gains, and jobs. 

From there we created journey maps for our investor analyst and job-seeker personas that mapped out their most common user paths. In addition we cataloged each persona’s needs as single-sentence stories. 

Next we created an inventory of the content needed for the website and used the card-sort method to develop a new navigational structure and sitemap informed by the top user journeys and needs. 

The last steps of the discovery process included designing wireframes for each page type, informed by the learnings from each of the prior exercises.


From there the wireframes and all the additional support materials from discovery were handed off to our visual designer to bring to life in high fidelity. The prototypes created were used for additional user testing and as a guide to the engineering team. 

The end result was a highly usable updated web experience for ITW that brought their presence to the level of their peers. Financial information was readily available for those who needed it and information on company reach, growth, and culture was just as easy to find.